Today I am bringing you somewhat different kind of article that you are used to read here. It is completely dedicated to an event that is going to take place in Budva, Montenegro, from 31st of May up until 1st of June. Moreover it is fairly new happening in the region with quite innovative and breakthrough agenda not previously seen in Montenegro. To cut the long story short, it is Spark Me conference.

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Spark.Me official logo

Regional internet and marketing conference itself brings innovative examples from around the World. In two years of existence managing company (Domain.Me) succeeded in attracting some of the well-known names in marketing world such as: Alf Rehn, David Armano, Scott Berkun, Tony Conrad, Eli Opper and many others. For the ongoing year two amazing speakers are already being announced: Marvin Liao and Ramon de Leon. More names are to be listed soon by the organizers committee. This is however tremendous reason to attend the event and get some first hand stories and experiences from these distinguished individuals.

The conference itself focus on new ideas, breakthroughs, innovation, start-ups etc. It goes without saying that bonding and networking possibilities with other ambitious individuals, companies and mentors are simply skyrocketing. To succeed nowadays, networks of different kinds are necessity. One does not have to be business guru to conclude this however. Bringing the extraordinary experienced people who are focusing on new ideas and innovation is just one more tiny reason that attracts one to attend the conference.

Beside this educative part of the event there is going to be dedicated special portion of agenda for the StartUps competition. Worth mentioning is the fact that StartUps competition is considering world-wide context. Moreover, winners would have the chance to present their work in San Francisco this September on TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Alley conference. Do I actually mentioned how cool and amazing this opportunity might be? Are you aware how life changing point could eventually be? I do strongly intend to apply with some idea, which exact one is it going to be – you will find out exactly here.

Furthermore, the conference`s venue is Budva, one of the most important and distinct dots onto Montenegrin and general Adriatic tourist’s map. I really believe that I do not have to list down all the qualities  of aforementioned resort. Huge majority of Balkan population (considering ex-yu context) are well aware of the attributes that are backing Budva up.

When you put all pieces of the puzzle together, one young, bright, ambitious, innovative, open-minded and strongly motivated individual should definitely be seen wandering around and hanging with the other mates from the branch.

Hereby are some random videos from previous two years.

M – Factor Crew strongly hopes that it will get exclusive access to cover the event. Stay cool and positive.

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