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What do all those interrupting Ads try to sell us?

A brief sneak peak into concepts of ever growing importance

Dušan Mladenović, spreading good vibes from the Balkans

11th of December 2017

Academia, marketing gurus, and institution claim that an average mortal is being exposed to the staggering number of ads each day (both online and offline). It all depends on whom you ask, but average number is varying between four and ten thousand.

How do we get influenced? What is the percentage margin of those Ads that make it to our prefrontal cortex (part of the brain that makes decisions)? What is the tiny thing that this barrage of ads tries to sell us, every day, hour and minute of our lives?

Our ever growing desire to achive and reach our goals in no time has been properly addressed by advertisers

I will try to handle the last question, actually, the proper answer to it. If we observe nowadays advertising industry and how it functions, we can observe and conclude that we predominantly speak about the interest-driven behavior of both buyers and those who advertise and market. It is basically circle phenomenon that goes continiously back and forth.

“…average number of Ads we are exposed to is varying between four and ten thousand per day…”

First of all, once you do realize that you have some unsatisfied need you most probably turn to our newest best friend – Google. The big boy, Google based on your interest and previously fetched digital footprint delivers you the most relevant content. This is the point where advertisers are getting into the game. Around four billion inquiries represent remarkable opportunity to catch those searching and hit those searching straight in the head with your ad. This is applicable for all platforms online and is a general virtual rule. Feel free to consult Google for more details on this.

Basically, advertisers sneak into our heads and consumer behavior on a constant 24/7 basis. An astonishing amount of data circulates between our IP addresses, servers, Google storage facilities and advertisers. Nothing new, we are all on the same page. By taking this shortcut, completely automated communication and Ads platforms delivers a bunch of banners, sponsored content, and promoted Ads/tweets/posts/material in whatever our usual daily online habitat is. Without exception, nobody spared from this. The more you are online, the more ads based on your interest are going to be delivered to you. Frankly speaking, it’s not that you did not ask for it.

Joseph Pine: What consumers want

This is all very nicely wrapped story but, what all those cleverly targeted and creatively placed Ads try to sell us? Might be a twofold answer, depending on how do you think about it. Firstly, Ads are there in order to create leads and conversions – meaning they do try to eventually sell you something (not necessarily of tangible nature). If we zoom out and think again the only and ultimate background goal of advertising is selling – convenience.

The convenience. That philosophical and imaginary concept got so viral and widely spread in the digital world we live in – that it should literally scare us. It became our virtual wet dream. We are solely interested in uncompromising satisfaction of our ever growing needs. It goes hand in hand with all the features of being a digital human nowadays. We do act sometimes in excessively consumer-based fashion, without much of a reason most of the time. This resulting in a fact that we became increasingly busy, overwehlmed, greedy, lazy and consumption oriented. We have a situation whereby Ads do not sell us actual product or service but selling us the philosophy of convenience which tries to enhance experience related to specific research term.

Another question came around the corner, how much this helps us and does it at all? As it is now, the previously mentioned interest based circle phenomenon is getting on a higher order.

Staying in a closed and rounded circle without power to amend anything – is never a good thing.

About the author:   

Dušan Mladenović

PhD Student, Lecturer and Researcher at Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University |

CMO and Founder @DigiMark

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