Recently, a group of highly motivated individuals (Marketing zajednica) decided to carry on a research on wages in marketing. This time they payed special attention to the country of Serbia whilst gathering data from 176 person who are in marketing related position for a few years so far. In a way this is pioneering research. Thumbs up.

Wages in Marketing Serbia

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In total 176 respondents provided invaluable information in respect of their net wages, experience, positions etc. The research itself has been organized in December of 2016. Standard deviation is 95% of the sample, meaning that sample is very representative. Unfortunately, graphs are available only in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian.

1. Experience in Marketing

Wages in Marketing Serbia

2. Marketing Specialization

Wages in Marketing Serbia

3. Working Mode

Wages in Marketing Serbia

4. Company/market Orientation

Wages in Marketing Serbia

5. Is there an existing relation between experience and accompanying wages?

Wages in Marketing Serbia

6. Is there a significant relation between marketing specialization and net salaries?

Wages in Marketing Serbia

7. Average numbers of years of experience per marketing specialization

Wages in Marketing Serbia

Some General Remarks on Wages in Marketing

The ones that are in Affiliate marketing business earns far the most – on average 1320 EUR, while those working in Community Management (hereby CM) are peaking at 680 EUR.

Moreover, those that work in CM have the least of experience (acknowledged by net wages as well). On the other side, those in question who are gurus in Affiliate marketing are on average very well experienced.

The highest salaries  (1780 EUR) have those who are at the same time agency owners. Than we come to those working full time with occasional freelance projects. And on the bottom line we have part time engaged marketers.

Logically, those who works for foreign companies/agencies for foreign markets earn the most (1100 EUR), whilst marketers focused only on local market get around 700 EUR. More details in the following graph.

Wages in Marketing Serbia

If we compare marketers who have same experience but working as a freelancers or in some agency, those that are freelancing are getting cca 13% higher net salaries.

More than 50% of marketers are directly working on Social Media, Community Management and Analytics. On the bottom of the list are Programmatic Advertising, Video & Affiliate Marketing.

According to this research, cca 55% of marketers work for local market and companies, 42% for foreign clients and only 3% combined those two.

Follow Up on Wages in Marketing

According to Marketing zajednica, more profound research is to follow in 2017. It should include more demographic data, geographical distribution of marketars in question, gross salaries etc.). We are very much looking forward that one. In between, feel free to visit one of the most resourceful marketing hubs we can find online when it comes to Serbia.

What are your thoughts on these practical and actual information? Do you consider those reliable?

Source: Marketing zajednica

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