If you think the knowledge is the forgotten term in the marketing practice frameworks, you have probably missed the 4th of February and the Valicon Knowledge Club. Before we even start with some amazing insights, we should shortly present the Valicon itself. Shortly, Valicon is  a marketing consulting and research company focusing on South-Eastern Europe. Their  core business is consulting on the basis of marketing research. For further information, M- Factor readers can check their web site or Facebook page. One of their remarkable impacts in the region is certainly Valicon Knowledge Club, the regional conference that gathers the experts for the purpose of knowledge sharing, networking and generating new perspectives and ideas. This year, Knowledge Club was organized in picturesque Sarajevo city hall on 4th of February 2016. It is an upgrade to a successful conference of the same kind in December last year in Belgrade, and an announcement for the one in Zagreb, on 10th of February. These guys certainly know how to rock.

This years partner was IBM that presented IBM Digital marketing cloud, the latest boom in direct marketing practice. Sounds exciting, does it not?

One of our readers, Vildana Karalic attended the conference and was willing to share her experience and photos with M-Factor. Thank you, Vildana!

 I had an opportunity and, I have to say honor to be a part of a really specific event. Through a really interesting movie journey in a magnificent atmosphere of Sarajevo city hall and national library, Valicon presented some of the latest trends in marketing to the participants of Valicon Knowledge Club. This conference that was aimed at companies and marketing & business enthusiasts was like a story told in six sequels. Each of those sequels had a movie reference and a business story behind it. It covered everything from the newest trends in business analytics, to loyalty programs, brand building and finally neuromarketing. It was a fun mashup of useful information, concrete demonstrations and presentations and great inputs for all participants. I was mostly interested in the last part since I was invited as a student who is working on a research on neuromarketing techniques.. (…) we were presented with eye tracking analysis and heat maps in some of the commercials, but the focus was on another technique. (…) It was interesting to see how carefully each scene of the commercial is constructed and how this machine can catch even the slightest changes in emotions of the respondent, going from unpleasant feelings to satisfaction. We were also presented with ways on how to optimize those findings and create commercials that will seize the attention of the consumers in the best way possible. (…) It gave me a completely new perspective on the topic because you can actually see with your own eyes how it is working and that it is actually feasible.

M-Factor will keep on following #Valicon and their extraordinary work in order to keep up with the latest trends from marketing research. Thumbs up, guys!