Don’t get it as a poor excuse, but simple fact that I have a full time PhD studies on my shoulders and job aside, impose occasional shifts in a priorities. Therefore, I apologize for being absent few weeks. Very beloved and demanding Microeconomics textbook pushed me to the mental and physical limits.

However, it’s time to effectively open new year. After profound browsing ex-yu online marketing communities we are coming up with a list of marketing bloggers you can utilize in order to get remarkably  accurate, updated and relevant news/insights from area of digital marketing and marketing in general. So, let’s roll.

  1. Very first on our marketing bloggers list is Istok Pavlović and his blog about digital and marketing in general. To be honest, we expect to get more regular content, but the utter true is that every single article he posts leave you speechless. Therefore, please visit his blog and get yourself injected with a proper dose of creativity and sophisticated digital marketing thinking. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
    Istok Pavlović Marketing Bloggers
  2. Dragan Varagić. I think that you don’t need much to recall this name. The name well known in internet, marketing and entrepreneurship circles in Balkan region. His outstanding blog brings very well elaborated hot topic from the world of marketing, internet, digital, entrepreneurship etc. One of the pioneers in internet marketing in Balkans. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
    Dragan Varagić Marketing Bloggers
  3. Founder of one of the biggest and oldest online communities in Serbia and Balkans Burek forum – Ivan Minić. Occasional posting about business, marketing, digital etc. on his For The Win web site. As in case with Istok, very out-of-the-box and advanced thinking for local standards. Definitely more of this kind of people to hang around. Check his blog and business portal Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, MojaFirma.rsBurek blog Marketing Bloggers
  4. One of the first local podcasts about marketing, digital and internet I was following created, launched and developed by Ivan Bildi. Beside ultra fun podcast (!here!) a whole bulk of very in-depth articles mainly focused on Facebook and Facebook ads are to be found on his blog. Author of Tagovanje, every Thursday from 8pm. Strong recommendation to start following this one. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
    Ivan Bildi Marketing Bloggers
  5. The lady who is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Balkan and Europe Dragana Đermanović. Awarded and praised on numerous occasions. Her blog successfully covers PR, modern media and communication. If you feel like reading some very well elaborated case studies this is definitely place to hit. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
    Dragana Djermanović Marketing Bloggers
  6. Not completely marketing blog, but occasionally effectively covers topics like influence marketing, digital marketing etc which puts him in category of marketing bloggers. is one of the blogs whilst reading you won’t regret a second. Again, as in case of Istok and Burek, irregular posting and updating, but somehow Darko Vidić compensates on another side of equation – by quality. Follow for very critical and constructive approach and thinking. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
    Darko Vidić Marketing Bloggers
  7. This one is not a blog, but it is literally a whirlpool of internet marketing news, updates, hints, advices etc. – forum. It might sound a bit outdated to go and dig your info in different forums, but this one is worth trying. Trust me, as someone who is doing PhD in social media and digital I definitely recommend to pay a visit or two. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Forum.
    Internet Zarada forum Marketing Bloggers
  8. One of the latest waves of people who are pushing up standards in promotion of internet marketing in SerbiaMladen Stojanović. His blog consists of short, concise and motivating articles about internet marketing with almost exclusive focus on social media as such. Follow for interesting and helicopter view of the marketing issues. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
    Mladen Stojanović Blog Marketing Bloggers

Please don’t consider this list of marketing bloggers as an exhausted one. Blogs are poping up and disappearing at extraordinary pace nowadays. To be on the top constant effort is needed. When mentioning consistency, I must note that majority of the blogs lack regularity of posting articles. So far, bloggers managed to compensate public with a proper dose of high quality content but they must keep in mind the speed everything is happening today. Agility is a must. More great content is needed. Please.

In case you have to add something please feel free to comment and share it with all of us.

More news coming soon. Keep up.
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