Today’s story is a bit outstanding and goes out of the frame as I am quite honest to say. Outstanding brands story, in a way that one fairly young Serbian artist draw that much attention by producing brand set so-called: “Top 10 Serbian Brands”. That attention came not only from media in Serbia but from the whole region and wider Europe which made his work viral.

Namely, Nikola Puzigaća is tremendously talented and educated artist born in Belgrade, Serbia. According to his own words, he likes to “design the problems nicely“. If interested more on his work you are free to visit his portfolio website and check out his extraordinary graphic designs and solutions.

Why is his work on brand, subject to our story today at all?

Simply, artist succeeded to create great graphic solutions combined with attractive names (read features) and look at it through marketing prism. It all went amazingly viral in no time. To cut the long story short, hereby I am passing you his partial work.

Graphics are fully owned by Mr Nikola Puzigaća. Our sole intention is to promote his outstanding work and efforts.