If someone had told you 15 years ago, while you were holding everlasting Nokia 3310 in your hands, that one day you would be able to make a selfie and send it to a friend in Australia via mobile phone in few seconds, you would have nodded politely and thought: “This fellow must have been out of his mind!”

And here you are, 15 years later and all you need is in the palm of your hand. Literally.

In the past decade, we have experienced smartphones boom. The new trend has brought up a huge misunderstanding, where having an old phone became a “story to tell”. Rush hours of modern ages put the fancy touch displays in our pockets in order to make us more present and connected to the world (as if we already have not been!). The unbelievable is that the smartphone adoption by users is increasing exponentially, regardless of generations or purchasing power. It is not luxury good anymore.

Take a regular, everyday public transport ride as an example. It is 5 pm and people are heading homes from work. If you look around yourself while standing in the crowded tram or the bus, you will see at least few people enjoying the charm of their smart gadgets. Yes, you as a marketer should see the perfect opportunity over here. Mobile marketing it is.

Mobile marketing has been in the shadow of its big brothers for ages. The reason being is that it had to be stimulated more by consumers, than manufacturers and companies. It needed the initiative from the other side. However, the situation in the market has changed in general terms. More and more, the consumers are initiators of the selling process, researchers and order placers. Finally, they have the easiest way to do that- through their smartphones. Successful engagement in mobile marketing requires trust, authentic brand position and effective relationship with customers. As it can be assumed, it encourages buying and shapes loyal customers. Isn’t it utopian? We don’t think so.

dm store (found at: www.radiosarajevo.com)

Bosnian branch of the famous cosmetic chain retailer dm drogerie markt has noticed the potential hidden in the smartphones addiction. They created and application. Dm application informs about promotions, new products and the latest news about the retailer itself. It also gives a possibility to locate the nearest dm store and create the shopping list to enhance the shopping experience and simplify the purchase process. Smart enough? Indeed it is.

By rapid technology boost, we assume that each company will have to get on board soon and use the tremendous possibilities of handheld gadgets that hide the world inside.

Credits:  dm drogerie markt.