It seems like we are following the same pattern from the last article, but it is impossible to leave this unnoticed. We are sharing another amazing story of success. Studio Sonda came up with an extraordinary packaging for Holcim Agrocal powder. The packaging design perfectly replicates everything they are standing for as a brand. The marketing piece of art is awarded by Dieline platform from US, which promotes and selects the best packaging globally. Out of 1200 participants, they won the first prize.

Agrocal powder is completely natural and environmentally friendly source of calcium and magnesium for liming the soil. After the large packaging, intended for crops, Holcim decided to offer the product to urban gardeners, in small packages of 4 kg. Sonda’s design packed the product in eco-friendly paper, easily degradable packaging. Then it is placed in a wooden box that can be reused by gardeners for seedlings or storage tools. Various motivational sayings are carved on the box, aiming to encourage gardeners to collect the different versions of the package.

Several photos that we took from the Studio Sonda website will convince you that the prize was truly deserved.

The prizes by Dieline are awarded based on the creativity, innovation and market merits. If you ask me, this is one of the most creative package I have seen recently. And I am proud to report that it origins from the Balkans. Agrocal won the first place in the category Home, garden & pets among 1,200 entries. In addition to that, the work will be exhibited during How Design Live conference and the traveling pop-up exhibition The Dieline Awards Exhibit Booth.

One of the lines on the packaging says that “homemade vegetable is sweeter than chocolate”. I am not sure if my chocolate cravings will agree to that, but one thing is certain- what Studio Sonda created is way more than “sweet”. Share your thoughts with us and look forward to some new story from the Balkan Marketing Stories box.