As M – Factor already reported a few weeks ago, „m:ts Noć reklamoždera“ (The Night of Ads-Eaters) took place on the 20th of December bringing the most interesting, viral and creative advertising pieces in respect of Serbian market. We strongly believe that you took a part of event by voting for your own favorites.  The event itself attracted considerable public attention and moreover couple of thousands spectators in Belgrade’s Sava center. The general topic of this’s year event is “Belgrade, the city of creativity and great ideas” therefore it was supported by Belgrade’s Touristic Office.

To sum it up, several different categories have been established and in each of the respective category winners and the best commercials have been announced gradually. There we go.

1st Category – Brand Serbia

Winner of this category is Serbian national basketball team. According to jury they represented Serbia In the best possible way while performing great this summer on World Championship in Spain. The award has been taken over by Nebojša Ilić, team manager of the selection.

2nd Category – Grand Slam

The most successful in this category is Jure Aplh. The category itself is quite new and it considers the most influential and recognized individual in advertising development in the Balkan region.

3rd Category –  Non-Profit campaign

The award in this category goes to “Novak Djokovic Foundation”. As you could guess the category considers advertising and commercial efforts within non-profit or non-governmental organizations in Serbia.

4th Category – Ambassador Reklamožder

This symbolic category is about self-initiated social media organizing. Yea, the description is rather insufficient (read: improper) but this is the only sentence we found so far that is decent enough passing it to you. However the winner is Ognjen Stambolić, who, by the way, created, organized and promoted Facebook group Beograđani which is all about, you guess, Belgrade.

5th Category – World Tour

This is one of the two most prestigious categories. It considers Serbian commercials that have been spread world-wide and are however internationally recognized. The proud winner is company “Telekom Srbija” with its commercial “While driving, park your cell-phone”

6th Category – The Most Viral

As the winner of “The Most Viral” category is McCann Ericson Belgrade for the amazing and simultaneously astonishing campaign “Drama in Taxi”. Moreover, M – Factor reported on that one and its achievements last week. More info here.

7th Category – The Best Commercial

Award “The Best Commercial” for the 2014 goes to our all friend Marbo product d.o.o. (PepsiCo) for its commercial “Chipsy – Homemade duel”. Interesting fact is that Marbo product d.o.o. got the same award last year for the same brand. Definitely Marbo’s management is doing a great job in choosing the advertising company, since they are picking the most prestigious award for two years in a row.

M – Factor crew is full of hope that you enjoyed this’s year coverage of the event, since we enjoyed it big time. We are going to dig for more interesting and creative event to report on. Stay cool and tuned.

Pictures courtesy of Noć reklamoždera.