We are watching dozens of advertisements on a daily basis. Information, pictures, videos and messages find us easily to reach, since we are all rolling around in the Big Brother world, perfectly served to us by cutting edge communication technologies. Even if we are complaining (most of the time) about the overload of information we get, somehow we do remember things that matter. And what matters nowadays is the message that passes through all our attention filters and gets straight to our “old brain”. Therefore we found ourselves commenting the newest commercial by XY brand, or that lovely ad that has kids involved. We embrace those who differ and emphasize how something good is. And we do that on a daily basis, too. The big guy standing behind all that mess is a marketing agency.

However, have you ever wondered what was sneaking behind the final message that was delivered to you via TV screen, billboard, web page or magazine cover? If your first thought on this was close to: “it must have been an ants’ work”, then there is your answer. Indeed, the whole process of putting puzzles together to get the perfect advertising campaign is a work that requires muscles, both physical and mental. The first decision each manufacturer/ company/ brand is facing when it comes to communication strategy is whether to do it on their own, or outsource this function. The latter is our today’s focus of interest.

Fabrika. logo

While digging in attempt to find the perfect story from the Balkans and deliver it to M- Factor readers, we bumped into the creative factory that produces magic. Literary. “Fabrika” translated from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian means “a building or set of buildings where large amounts of goods are made using machines”, which our English-speaking fellows tend to call “a factory”.

Fabrika. is a marketing agency that offers full service to its clients in order to improve their both marketing and media strategy. It is currently one of the three biggest full service agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their success in the region is inevitable and projects speak for themselves. It is a perfect positive example of how domestic agencies can be compared to the international leaders in marketing business. Fabrika’s team of ideas’ generators, designers and artists are doing some magic behind the scenes and M- Factor is more than happy to present you some of their spells. Stay tuned…

The TV advertisement for the local radio station “Radio Sarajevo”:

A non- alcoholic beverage drink by “Sarajevski kiseljak”, Sky cola:

“Everything you could imagine” ad for the Super Loto:

Bahceci Clinics

…and many more. Check some of their projects at: http://www.fabrika.com/index.php

All right reserved by: Fabrika. and its aforementioned clients.