Have you ever heard of Snapchat? What is it at all? Who uses it mostly? Anything? Yap, there is huge portion of population not being aware of social network . It is spreading slowly but firmly, even in Balkan portion of the planet Earth – which does not line up as an early adopter one at all.

Vipnet's Snapchat Campaing Poster Appearing
Croatian operator Vipnet is the very first company from the EX-Yu area who engaged itself in marketing campaign via Snapchat.

Further info about social network itself here. Moreover, additional details on the campaign and it’s goals please have a look in the brief video that follows:

One of the main aim of campaigns via Snapchat is to increase brand awareness and setting foundations for long-term relations with teens.

Snapchat_Logo Appearing

Snapchat Logotyp

Do you find this campaign successful or? How do you like it at all? Are there much of space for marketers there?

We are going to follow spreading of this social network and further pass any tangible information we come up on. Stay tuned.