The very first ever agency census has been conducted in Croatia by HURA – Croatian Association of Communications Agencies.

The main goal of association and agency census is to “gather marketing communications companies with the aim of defining and improving professional and ethical standards and principles of proper market competition, educating and training, and organizing industry festivals

logo hura - agency census

On the EU level, there is an remarkable initiative to do a census in all member countries and to sum up all the industry features for an ongoing year.

Few words about research itself. The methodology employed presents the combination of quantitative techniques and surveyed launched. Tha sample on which the research has been performed consists of HURA members. The main purpose of such a research-census is to gather tangible information which are going to be reliable foundation for inter-state comparison within EU.

HURA - agency census

Census screenshot

Unfortunately, I have to highlight that census results are available only in Serbia-Croatia-Bosnian language. For your further reference and complete overview of the census go here.

The census results are fully owned by Croatian Association of Communications Agencies, the sole purpose of mine was to spread a word about this developing. For any further reference please get in touch with HURA’s representative.