Without any intention to exaggerate, I do believe that it is rather very suitable moment for Serbian public to get a proper book which is going to cover all the basic features and terms within nowadays Marketing – widely refered as Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Pic

Namely, Nataša Krstić, lecturer at Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade, decided to step up and enlight Serbian and wider marketing community with extraordinary book named: Terms Used in Digital Marketing (literal translation). Aforementioned book has been presented last month in Belgrade.

The book itself consists of 270 very hot terms and definitions in respect of digital marketing as such. The profound aim of the book is to help relevant public, experts and companies to get more theoretical background about digital context of doing marketing. It goes without saying the popularity of viral sphere, up to that point that imposed digital aspect of marketing as a general necessity today.

 Have a look on promo video for this pleasant occasion.

Worth mentioning is that this is not exhaustive list of terms used. It is absolutely not feasible to sum them precisely up at this point since Digital develops at a full throttle at a moment.

In case you are eager to get some more relevant details on book itself or eventually to order it online, you can easily do so by going here. Only available in Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian language.

All in all this book represents tremendous achievement and will help all of us who is tackling contemporary marketing from academic perspective to further explore and research it. Therefore I congratulate the author for doing a stunning break through job.