Many times I was thinking and questioning myself what are the most appealing and the strongest brands in Balkan region that we are aware as of today. Thanks to Valicon and Mr Kemal Koštrebić we have had and exclusive overview of their extensive research onto aforementioned topic. We are bringing some of the most entrancing remarks.

Strongest Brands in Balkan

Mr Kemal Koštrebić – Project Manager at Valicon agency

Hereby are listed some of the most significant conclusions and notes in relation with local markets and country of origin of top 10 brands. For full reference onto methodology employed and more details about research itself, please click here.

  1. World renowned Milka and Coca-Cola are among top 10 in all Balkan states. Further implying that these two are on the leading two position in general brand listing;
  2. Serbia and Croatia do not tend to “import” regional brands. On top brands lists, in respective countries, are only and 3 global brands respectively;
  3. Croatia is far the greatest brand “exporter”. In four cases are Croatian brands among top 10 in other Balkan states (Vegeta in Macedonia and Bosnia&Herzegovina, Cedeveita in Slovenia and Bosnia&Herzegovina). Serbia has twobrands among top 10 in neighbouring countries (Smoki and Jaffa in Bosnia&Herzegovina). Slovenia has only one brand (Argeta in Macedonia and Bosnia&Herzegovina);

    Strongest Brands in Balkan

    Top Country Brands – 2015

  4. Bosnia&Herzegovina is far the greates “importer” of regional brands. Five of those among top 10 are coming from Croatia (Cedevita & Vegeta), Serbia (Smoki & Jaffa), Slovenia (Argeta);
  5. In top 10 brands in Bosnia&Herzegovina, are brands from all EX-Yu states (except Macedonia). Generally it is more open to regional than global brands;
  6. Macedonia is the biggest “importer”of so-called “global brands”. Only three local (Macedonina) brands and only two regional are among top 10. The strongest footprint in Macedonia have: Milka, Coca-Cola, Orbit, Nescafe and Pepsi;
  7. All EX-Yu states have among top 10 brands one of the mineral water brand. The most appealing brands in the region are: Radenska, Jamnice, Jana, Knjaz Milos etc.
  8. In closing, considering regional list of brands, they concluded that Croatian brands stand extraordinary well. First 4 positions in Croatia are occupied by Croatian brands. Region wise, in top 5 Vegeta and Cedevita are among those. Serbian Smoki is among 5 as well. However Milka and Coca-Cola are supremely far the strongest.

Strongest Brands in Balkan

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