Strong and successful brands can transcend all others by becoming icons. But one does not become an icon overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve the final aim and make sure to have the customers who will become the brand storytellers. So, how does a brand becomes strong, successful and eventually the icon?

Every brand has its unique story of success. And there is a huge power in a good story. A good story can inspire, entertain, influence how one thinks and make one believe s/he is the part of the plot. That is what good brand stories do. Indeed, they are memorable as well. But what makes one brand story an iconic representative of an era is the communicator. This is where magic happens.

The elements of a brand are (besides magic tricks): product and service packaging design, logo, advertising and other levels of marketing communication hierarchy. If you add the identity to those tangible elements, the icon has been born.  This gives the completely new meaning to a brand and therefore it is easy to connect those deeper values with consumers.

“The ultimate brand icons become so ingrained in our culture that they transcend their categories to become cultural icons.”

In other words, those brands become tokens of a culture, nation or the whole era. Even though years pass, they trigger the same memories, play the same old strings and make consumers travel in time. Just like stories do. Just like Cockta does.

Since this would mean less without the perfect example, with a small help of one of our readers, we are bringing you the story of a brand. And it is not the fairy tale. We have already mentioned this famous Yugoslavian brand, but not much of us know how it has got the image that it remained until today. The story is about Cockta. For all you interested in how the brand has become an authentic national icon, follow the link below and enjoy the interesting story…

The Cockta brand: From socialist copycat to authentic national icon

Cockta poster

Cockta poster dating back in 1975