Have you ever heard about “sports marketing”? Indeed, it is not something you can see daily on billboards while driving to work. However, if we think that the sport clubs do not need marketing, because they are famous “by themselves”, we are probably more than wrong.

The truth is that the “sports marketing” is not treated as it should be. Maybe it is not treated at all in the Balkans. But that taps into a completely different topic and the content does not fit into the M- Philosophy. During the big competitions, teams are stamped by the big names’ labels all over. The big brands, on the other side, carry the logos, colours and slogans of the clubs they are sponsoring. After the competition is done, all is gone. That is somehow logical, isn’t it? But do you think that there could be some similar activities through the whole year? Is there a possibility to have win- win combination for both clubs and brands even when the European Champion League is not keeping the audience in front of the TV all Sunday afternoon? And can we finally move the magnifier away from “the second most important thing in the world”? We will show you that it is possible as long as “Together We Are”. This slogan is not by chance. Stay tuned…

To continue our practice of delivering the successful marketing stories from the Balkans, we have found ice cold example. The hockey club Medveščak (“The Bear”) from Zagreb, Croatia is the bright story that advocates how the sport marketing is not the pure flam of marketers. “A Crown for The Bear” is the action started by Medveščak and the beer brand Pan in the hockey season of 2010. The goal was to collect the financial funds by club fans for bringing the new players in the team. The concept was very simple- the special edition of MAXI Pan beer spared 1 crown from each purchase for bringing the extra force in the club for playoffs. The action was more than successful.



In the 2011, the Medveščak got the new player and the Pan strengthened the brand position at the Zagreb market. What was even more important was the integration of the fans and the public in general. Everybody was murmuring about the Pan- Bear action, felt as part of the club and knew why they were drinking the beer. From that point on, it was all about reaching the stars.


This action was the first of this kind organized in both the Croatian and the regional sport sphere and as for the M- Factor, it is simply a way to go. This strategic movement for Medveščak was one of the first steps in winning the award for “the best sports brand in 2013/2014”. http://www.medvescak.com/intro.asp

We are looking forward to more examples like this, and some ice cold beers on the way. Cheers for Bears!

Credits go to: medvescak.com