We have conspired in the attempt to deliver you bright and early marketing stories from the Balkans. Now, we need a bit of your help.

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We are living in a world where the success is measured in likes, tweets or shares. Somehow, the practice has grown from being present on the world’s virtual platform, to gaining as much likes as possible. Being active on social networks is the inevitable scenario. In previous articles we have tackled the social media engagement, so you might want to take a look back.

Couple of weeks ago, we have gained the opportunity to go into the research of social media influence on marketing campaign. We took a chance. However, we cannot finalize this journey without our readers being included as well. Therefore, your contribution would reflect in filling this very short (promise!) survey for us. Thus, you will help us to understand the role of social media in general.

To do so, please follow the link below:


We sincerely appreciate your stamp in this story and looking forward to announce the results of this short research exclusively at M-Factor.

Stay tuned and brace yourself for more marketing stories yet to come.

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