It seems that some of the biggest companies, agencies or organizations in Serbia found out a proper way to emotionally connect themselves with ordinary mortals – widely referred as their clients/customers or just simply fellow neighbors. One of the approaches is to launch all and out social awareness campaigns.

Social Awareness Campaigns

In recent months and years we are witnessing up-slope trend when it comes to amount of awareness campaigns we have been facing in Serbia at least. More interestingly, they are very much creative.

Hereby, I will try to list some of the most significant social awareness campaigns in random order, so you are be able to have a brief overview.

  1. Park Your Phone While Driving 
  2. #biramzivot Safety Campaign

  3. Philharmonic Orchestra at Full Throttle
  4. Drama on Belgrade’s Street
  5. Bridge Projection – Life Saver
  6. You Choose the Way You CommunicateThe newest social campaign in Serbia by Telekom Srbija and Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication of Republic of Serbia. The purpose of the campaign is to bring invaluable information about cell phone adverse influence on human body. More on campaign itself on

This is not exhaustive list of all campaign, just a quick overview of some of most remarkable ones. Hereby we do modestly contributing by spreading the word about them. Do not hesitate to visit us again in order to get info of some new unrelieved campaigns.
Stay tuned.