Frankly to say, I am surprised with the news I am about to pass you and which is directly confronting advertising efforts and further sky rockets the marketing costs. Namely, Macedonian capital decided to ban billboards, city lights and other forms of advertisements onto specific squares. This billboard bans is one of its kind in the region.

billboard bans - city of skopje

City of Skopje – Coat of Arm

“In order to preserve ambient values in these locations, further to prevent any unforeseen additional damage to newly constructed ground floor surfaces and avoid eventual damage to the already  embedded materials, moreover considering the fact that projects for construction and reconstruction of these three squares did not anticipate placing billboards, City Lights and LCD panels we were forced to make prohibition of placement advertising objects onto these specified locations”

This is the official statement made by Skopje’s City Hall representative, whereby the decision has been elaborated into more details. Moreover the locations that are considered are three main city’s squares: “Macedonia”; “VMRO”and “Phillip the Second”.

City officials informed as well that three squares are still undergoing different stages of reconstruction and reshaping of public areas. According to the city officials, billboards and other advertisements that have been onto these three locations are going to be removed and located into nearby perimeters – where such a ban does not exist.

Back in 2012 the City of Skopje adopted and enforced a system for placing advertising billboards in the throughout city for the upcoming period 2012-2027 year. Within this program a numerous locations was pre-planned for commercial placement of billboards. However, aforementioned squares has been listed as suitable for advertisements. Officials claim that back than somehow the program has not been considering currently ongoing reconstruction of those squares affected.

Not surprisingly, new fee table has been established for the downtown Skopje area, with new tariff, new system of calculation fees and new places allowed for billboards placement. We are waiting how this is going to be putted into practice and what advertisement industry and wider public would have to say about the recent updates.

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