One does not have to be marketing and communication guru to realize how important package, in this case wine package, indeed is. Very often people tend to buy and utilize products that otherwise they would not, but attractive and stylish packaging of them unconsciously “forced” and pushed them over the edge. The edge in this case in purchasing decision.

wine package senor logo

Last year we have been reporting on ultra creative and stylish wine packages that are coming from creative agency Señor. Back than, they used to come up with very minimalist and cutting edge design for wine cellar “Iskrena vina Matkovic“. More on the story and their creative solution in our article (The Truth Lies in Wine). Whereby we elaborated in details package and business development at a time.

This year again, extraordinary work and news kept us flooding from Señor. Literally, the design they delivered for wines “Pod zidom” won prestigious Regpak award for best wine package in the wider region. Hereby we are using chance to congratulate them.

This is what they came up with this year.

How do you like new bottles and stickers on them?
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