The third and the final part of the brand launching story will touch down the conclusion points of the launching journey. The launching itself is a long way to go (which you have probably figured out so far). Nevertheless, the steps I am talking about in these three parts can serve as a skeleton for personalized scenarios.

Now when there is already the Coming Soon page, the traffic to the page is a must- have. The question is how to do that since the both product and the brand are unknown to the audience? Influence Marketing is the answer. Hereby I am not diving much into details, but in case you want to refresh your memory of our articles, check Fragrance By Me Case Study on influence marketing or find out How Much Do Influencers Charge. I’m promising you some very cool stuff to read about. Generally speaking, freebie products are always a nice treat and a small push for influencers networks. The key to successful influencer marketing is setting it up in advance (experts say at least three months ahead of other launch activities). Influencer will fall in love with the products based on the pitch that tells the brand story. This is where the business needs to be extremely careful.

Influence marketing brings traffic to the homepage

Influence marketing brings traffic to the homepage

Besides influence marketing, paid or organic ads on social media bring traffic to the homepage. There is no the ultimate way that fits it all. Every business needs to avoid being thin and try multiple approaches until finding the best one. Last year I discovered a very handy book that I recommend. It gave me some inspiration and hopefully it will the same effect on you. The book’s name is Contagious- Why Things Catch On.

When everything is set up virtually, there is still a place to spice it all up with an in- person event near the launching date. This is a day for bloggers, influencers, local network and mailing list. Inviting them all at one place will create a buzz about the product and brand and this is a place to be creative at.

I am already expecting that by far, the audience has been anticipating the brand debut.

Customer relationship matters

What is left is working on details- delivering unexpected homepage and making customers wow. It does sound utopic, but every action ties into creating relationships with customers. At the end of the day, that’s what keeps any business alive. Building relationship includes getting feedback and taking it into account. It requires empowering customers to share about the brand and awarding them for those actions. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind is the book to take from the shelves in case you want to read more about communicating to the public and creating a position in customer minds.

Looking back at our journey, here are the steps in brand launching:

  1. Do the extensive market research to get to know the audience.
  2. Differentiate the brand in order to create a distinguished brand identity.
  3. Do the marketing before the launch;
  4. Build a coming soon page;
  5. Create a newsletter to keep customers engaged;
  6. Tell the story through micro- blogging and social media;
  7. Increase the traffic to the homepage by influence marketing;
  8. Organize an in-person event near the launch day to make it all personal;
  9. Wow customers by compelling homepage and launch offers (go creative!);
  10. Never stop working on the relationship with customers!

To wrap up, staying ahead of the game is the plan. If a business works on its consistency during the process, it has the ground to take off. The next big thing to do is to grow and never make promises that one cannot keep. Hope you enjoyed the journey with us. Take care of your brands!

Special thanks and credits to Highbrow, the source of my inspiration.

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