This year Robert De Niro was not the only star of Sarajevo Film Festival. Unique Coca Cola bottle was presented to the audience as a specific gift to both the festival and the city. It all started a year ago when company decided to introduce some changes on a global level.

In 2015 Coca Cola marked 100 years of existence of its glass bottle. They marked this important anniversary by expanding availability of their aluminium bottle worldwide. This aluminium bottle is more than a change in packaging. It was strategically planned and created to meet different marketing needs. One of the reasons behind it is to, of course, increase capacities and satisfy growing customer demand in the market. Besides, bottle is fully recyclable which makes it appealing to a broader target of consumers.


Another important reason for spread of the aluminium bottle lies in promotions and sponsorship’s. Coca Cola saw an amazing opportunity in this type of packaging. They figured out they can use this package and customize it for specific purposes. For a while now, Coca Cola used these bottles to mark partnerships with different organizations, companies, events around the globe. It adds to the visual identity of major sporting events such as Olympic Games, World Cup and others.


Recently, Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s already world famous Sarajevo Film Festival joined this club with their own Coca Cola aluminium bottle. This year Coca Cola and Sarajevo Film Festival celebrated 20 years of partnership and they marked it with unique limited edition bottle. Creative team of McCann Sarajevo was in charge for creating this custom made gift to Sarajevo. It has a really specific design. The bottle shows red carpet and National theater in Sarajevo during the festival. Besides these images it shows a slogan that says: “Osjećaj koji traje već 20 godine” (Feeling that last for 20 years). In this way they celebrated not only 20 years of partnership with the festival but 40 years of operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Custom SFF limited edition Coca Cola bottle

It appears that this was a good marketing move. Social media users were thrilled with the new look and shared it on different platforms. Coffee places, clubs, restaurants in the city were serving favorite sweet drink to Sarajevo people in a bottle that was somewhat a postcard of the city.

Limited edition Coca Cola bottles become collectibles and they are sold worldwide to Coca Cola enthusiasts. Who knows, maybe some day in the future this bottle will find its place on a special shelf somewhere across the world. Good job CocaCola HBC B-H Sarajevo, Sarajevo Film Festival and McCann Sarajevo

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Photo credits go to Instagram, Sarajevo Film Festival, The Packaging Insider and iejnews.