The example I am going to come up today is everything but not naive and unprofessional. Moreover I have to admit that I was astonished with the quick and comprehensive reaction of one state agency.

Namely, recently in Serbia has been lunched campaign “Lets spend summer in Serbia“. Without getting into the political and financial background of the whole story I am going to go through the social media marketing aspect of it.

The campaign itself draw considerable portion of attention, and especially of those individuals bored enough to spend some time ruining its own country image. These artifacts are their work:

All graphics are taken over from Ne budi govedo Facebook page. Unfortunately only available in Serbian. However, as already mentioned, this created amazing buzz on social networks and spreaded virally in practically no time. This you can check if you google the news articles in late May.

On the other side, Tourist Organization of Serbia who was directly targeted and engaged in the whole story responded in extraordinary manner, so far not seen in governmental agencies. Namely, TOS created and shared gallery of similar graphics directly confronting negativism and furthermore creating stunning positive vibes across the social networks. This is what they had to say:

Graphics are taken from TOS official Facebook page. Official slogan of the counter-campaign is “Respect your own country”.

You might like or dislike some of the graphics, that’s completely up to you. But one fact is the most important that came up on the surface. Namely, wider public is positively surprised by Tourist Organization of Serbia quick and very effective response. The response which is decent, creative and timely. This was the first time we saw one governmental lead agency to act in such a comprehensive and astonishing manner in virtual world.

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