Every story of success has its own ups and downs. Every story is special by its own labels. This story (without intention to underestimate any other) has quite interesting timeline. It can be wrapped up under one name- “New Moment”, but it is tied to the past more than it seems. Founded by one of the icons of the Balkans’ advertising- Dragan Sakan, it carries the onus of being a superstar, in the imperative tense.

Dragan Sakan

For those who have the lack of information or just a slight “golden-fish” effect in memory, Advertising Age in 1995 proclaimed Dragan Sakan to be “the man who transformed propaganda into the business of advertising in the Balkans.” Known under the pseudonym Saki, for 35 years in business, he created one of the largest regional agencies in the Balkans, was a member of the global creative board of Saatchi and Saatchi Worldwide, jury president at EPICA, Golden Drum, Moscow, and many other festivals. He wrote three books on advertising and was the founder of the Ideas Campus (School of Creative Thinking) and the BeogrAD festival; he launched New Moment magazine, and worked tirelessly on educating young professionals at many lectures and panel discussions. He won a lifetime achievement award – the Charter for Peace (Povelja za mir), in Sarajevo and the Acknowledgement of the Association of Psychologists (Priznanje Udruženja psihologa). For those more interested, more about his life can be found here.

One of his achievements certainly was the idea that was born more than 30 years ago. New Moment should be the most creative regional agency; an agency that would function as a single entity, where employees would see its values as their own, and where the idea would be the strongest currency. The company was founded in 1985. With its business and creative results, the company became a hothouse of talent, as evidenced by the great number of people who began their careers at Saatchi and who today are the most influential people in the advertising business in Serbia.


New Moment web page

Three decades later, Saki’s dream has come true. In the past years, the regional New Moment company has won all the biggest international awards including: the Cannes Titanium Lion 2013, the Epica Gold 2012, the Epica Bronze and Epica Silver 2013, the Eurobest Gold and Eurobest Bronze, the Golden Drum Agency of the Year 2013, and a dozen of national and international accolades. The dream that 200 employees in the New Moment region believed in has become reality.

The ideas factory nowadays exists with the simple, but comprehensive moto: NOTHING IS CREATED UNLESS IT IS FIRST DREAMT.

So, let’s see how dreams have come true and check some of their work.

New Idea Women (multimedia book by Dragan Sakan):

Boom TV:

New Moment magazine:

Nike in Belgrade:

Sweet and touching:

Don’t stop dreaming… and stay tuned.

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