In the region where the politics is a hot topic on a daily basis there is no much space for creativity. Waking up people and calling them to action turned into a clumsy and rather repetitive slogans during the elections campaigns. And the silence used to be in between. Until Reform Agenda showed up and brought some creativity into a steady state which many (almost all) public campaigns fell into. logo

To avoid any confusion, the overview of the action by Reform Agenda in this article is fully marketing perspective and it does not have any political preference whatsoever. Some months ago, we wrote about guerilla approach for a greater good. To remind you, the aforementioned guys wanted to shake up the public in the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina by presenting some “weird installations”.  The project was signed by Via Media, under the (financial) support of Reform Agenda 2015-2018. They did not stop there. Luckily for all marketing junkies, they went further with being creative.

This summer there was a second phase of the campaign that has the aim to inform public about the importance of reform agenda implementation. In Sarajevo, the short movie trailers were screened under the catchy names:

  1. Lovac na posao (The job hunter)
  2. Pad sive ekonomije (The fall of the shadow economy)
  3. Znam koji ti je papir falio prošlog ljeta (I know which paper you needed last summer)

The ultimate aim of the campaign was to show the true reality that people in Bosnia and Herzegovina face. In addition to that, they have not failed in sending the straightforward message about the necessary steps to improve the current state. The slogan “This is your life, it can get better” is a strong wake up call for the public. It is indeed an unusual and unique way to talk about the political or economic topics.

The great marketing achievement is the guerilla effect, which is obvious in this phase of the campaign. Speaking out loud and directly about the things we all know, but avoid to mention is both brave and shocking. Therefore, we are impatient to see what they will communicate next and especially- how they will do it.

Stay tuned and witness some remarkable pieces of work and more analysis of campaigns yet to come.

BMS crew.