Many marketing gurus would suggest that after certain time span rebranding is needed in order to refresh brands, its appearance and overall image around it. We are witnessing epic fails when it comes to rebranding (e.g. Serbian Railways Branding Disaster etc.), or some more successful like mts-tvoj svet campaign. The pure backbone of rebranding is that it must be in line with values and experiences you want to align your brand with.

Without process of branding and rebranding. your company might end up facing following question:

rebranding drones

First of all, many would like to be aware of differences between brand, branding and rebranding.

  1. Brand is the name, logo, symbol, experience that identifies product, event or service. E.g. Intel, Airbus, Exit Festival, Lufthansa etc.
  2. Branding is a set of all elements needed to reflect vision of your business, product or service. Indeed, way wider and more complex combo of never ending mutually strongly interrelated activities.
  3. Rebranding appears and happens when decision makers realize that brand need some radical changes in its portfolio. E.g. recent tragic event of Germanwings plane crash , resulted in – birth of Eurowings. Both of them Lufthansa AG daughter companies.

Basically, companies start with a process of branding in order to position their brands in a desirable and appealing manner to the public and customers. Once the pre-planed market position of brand is achieved, decision makers might go after further rebranding in order to acquire greater markets, gain more benefits, associate another experiences next to brand etc. (Read: Top 10 Reasons for Rebranding)

What Does Drone Have to do With Topic of Rebranding?

Considering that one of my hobbies are UAV or drones, I regularly read news in this area as well. Therefore, I came to an interesting story whereby drone has been employed to initiate rebranding campaign (thanks to crew). Since the story overlaps with two of my area interests, I decided to elaborate a bit more on it.

rebranding drones

Namely, world renowned champagne – Mumm Grand Cordon – brand decided to rebrand itself after 189 long years of more or less same appearance and appeal to the market. The party has been organized on Hvar island, Croatia in order to promote it to the interested parties. When putted like this, this story brings zero excitement since there are tons of companies doing the same on a daily basis, in way more extraordinary fashion. Why would a champagne brand (which is not that famous in Balkans btw.) be of any interest to us here?

Form is not the most important, substance is of far greater importance.

So, our focus is not on rebranding itself but how it has been performed. As a reference video I suggest to watch the official promo clip.

What We Can Underline as a Backbone of this Campaign?

  1. Company picked venue of Croatia as a starting point for rebranding, in order to enhance it’s future position in the region. This is indeed a wise move, considering today’s almost non existent appearance.. Greatly supported by local comm agency Komukacijski Labaratorij from Zagreb.
  2. The exact place of party is Hula Hula bar, which is widely famous among party-seekers. It translates in company’s intention to create a buzz among younger generation. On shoulders of those youngsters company is to base their sales in years and decades to come.
  3. An extraordinary manner how new bottle has been brought to the venue – by drone. Indeed this part of a story, tells us a lot. Firstly, we see strong focus on the future (by targeting younger generations) by deploying novelty like UAVs. Secondly, brand itself wants to align itself as a super modern and “in”, like drones are at this point in time. Thirdly, company wants to convey a message that this particular bottle of champagne is going to be available everywhere in no time. We must admit that comm agency set up a great task to us that we had to decompose.
  4. All above mentioned should result in an outstanding experience while having a glass of this high-quality champagne.

As we saw with this example, rebranding campaigns does not necessarily have to be glamorous and ultra exotic. It must be composed of small details that indeed convey message you want to be heard and that are in line with values your brands promote. We saw here that new champagne bottle has been presented in rather an extraordinary manner, with rich background story to support it.

What are your thoughts on this? Please feel free to comment, share etc.

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