Zagreb, Croatia

When you think about winter night, not so rarely you imagine hot chocolate, blanket and movie marathon. Sounds familiar? If you add a huge plasma TV right in front of you, high resolution screen, perfect colors and sound system, it is an equivalent for perfect evening.

However, could you imagine something like this instead:

RIZ, Radioindustry Zagreb (YU)

RIZ, Radioindustry Zagreb (YU)

RIZ is Croatian, Zagreb-based company established in 1948 for production of Radio Broadcasting Equipment under name RADIO INDUSTRIJA ZAGREB – RIZ. They started with producing electronic equipment. First tube radio was produced in 1953 under the name “Maksimir”. Last tube radio was produced in 1965. They kept on producing electronic equipment, devices, TVs and transmitters until the early 90’s.
Today, RIZ operates under the name “RIZ-Transmitters Co.” and states for a successful private company concentrating research, manufacture and sales department.

Check out their web page at: http://www.riz.hr/en/

Next time, you are snuggled up in front of a huge, thin screen, remember that few decades ago, the gadget on the photo was the latest trend. Maybe you might find one in your grandpa’s basement.