Have you ever wondered what is hidden behind the non- transparent process of public procurement? Maybe the cost of goods that you use every day are much higher than you expect. Some time around five month ago, the agency from Sarajevo- Via Media launched the campaign under the catchy tittle “We pay the price!- Museum of Public Procurement”. The exhibition showed the replicas of items that B&H authorities purchased through public procurement at prices that were several times higher than the regular.

As marketers, I believe we will not go much into explaining the corruption and overall situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to spending citizen’s money. As a citizen, I can use my right and say it is more than obvious. Now, let’s keep it professional and comment only campaign, which was a remarkable way to increase awareness of the prices people pay and the damage caused by careless spending of money by B&H authorities, without responsibility for improving the quality of life of citizens. The idea by Via Media, sponsored by US Agency for International Development (USAID) on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day was realized in the form of museum exhibition where objects together with prices were presented. It traveled through B&H cities showing that an ashtray can cost nearly 650 euros or that we pay the trash bin approximately 850 euros. Shocking, right?

 The photos were taken from USAID facebook page where the information about campaign can be read in Bosnian language too. Credits for photos go to USAID in full.

Public in Bosnia and Herzegovina was informed about the devastating examples of abuse of public procurement in the country. Through interaction with citizens, the campaign aimed to encourage dialogue about the current problem of corruption, and to encourage citizens to demand and support changes in public procurement processes.  The present example of a creative offline and online campaign serves as a reminder that in order to achieve results, shock does not have to have a bad connotation. It certainly creates a necessary buzz about the content. Hat down for Via Media’s creative idea and hopefully we will witness more campaigns of this kind.

Have a lovely weekend!

BMS folks