Creating a promotional video is not a technical piece of work only. It requires the background story about the product or service and the story needs to grab the attention. Easily said than done, right?

As for any other video, you might think about writing the script. I know, you have not “wasted” years of marketing experience, went through high education ups and downs to come to the point to write a script. That is not your job. Well, let me tell you a secret. It is (unless you have the excess of money and you have no better idea to spend it on). But, no one but you knows better what you want to do and what your product/service is all about.

Question number one to ask is what makes your product so different than the rest? How to put all the ideas into one video that will be presentable for social media, meetings and trade shows or your website? You are looking for interesting and informative, not wildly funny or sleep-inducing. Start by writing five points that distinguish your product. That will serve as a skeleton for your story. Now, crystallize unique selling points (a.k.a. USP) and be creative.


Some tips for the video itself:

  • The video duration should be no more than 60 seconds. Enough time to tell your story. Keep it short.
  • The first 7 seconds are very critical, because this is the time when a viewer decides whether to continue watching or not.
  • Finalize a video with a “call-to-action” and contact details.

I did a small research on the topic and here is what I gathered by looking over some general ideas on the viewbix blog.

Your marketing video script needs to begin by either addressing the pain point that your product solves, or summarizing the key benefit of your business. Next up you list secondary benefits to your product or using your business, and finally, you end with a call to action: get more information, sign up here for free etc.

Here is the example of a longer video for the purpose of presenting the touristic destination. Two years ago, the peace of art by touristic community of Split- Dalmatia “The Heart Of Adriatic” won the Golden Award for the best promotional video at the Baku International Tourism Film. They are certainly telling the story which is both emotional and inspiring.

The next example is the video by Dunav Insurance from Serbia. Personally, I believe this is a good example of presenting how problem can be solved by product/service that is advertised. The “problem” is presented at the beginning of the video- the concerns that people face in a daily life. If you watch the video, you may notice how Dunav Osiguranje logo appears in different scenes. Eventually it brings smile on people faces, which represents “solving the problem”.

How creative can the video for the coffee brand be? We have already mentioned this one in the old posts, but it is definitely on my top 5 list of creative and entertaining promotional videos. Therefore, I am going back to it. The example of how every-day, usual product can be presented in unusual way.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this. Share with us your ideas on promotional videos or maybe some stories from your personal experience. Or just share your favorite piece of work.