Political Marketing might be defined as marketing which is designed to influence consumers about certain political issues, particular candidates for public office, or public issues. Although political marketing uses many of the same techniques that other forms of marketing do, it is actually used to promote a concept or an idea, rather than a specific product or service, and to motivate people to vote for that idea.

Political Marketing

Thanks to this straight forward definition, even laymen should be now somewhat familiar with the branch of marketing that is a hot-burning topic in Serbia these days. For those of you not familiar with the situation, this Sunday elections should take place. One would say, another year wasted and spent on useless political demagogue which brings absolutely nothing new in terms of marketing and communication toward the voters.

It is rather very easy to conclude that potential voters are literally bombarded in this all-out political campaigns. Starting from TV advertising, billboards, leaflets, flyers, posters etc. All the way to the Goodle AdSense and DisplayAds that are popping up wherever you browse online. For the huge majority of cases, this campaigns did not bring absolutely nothing new in terms of quality of marketing communication and approach toward the public. The ultimate basis for all action is political spitting on opponents and hard-core demagogue.  Which are in some cases ridiculous to mention in context of 21st century. Let’s not forget that we talk about context of Balkan and Serbia, where the profession of politician is one of the most desirable to have.

From marketing perspective we are all witnessing very poorly organized campaigns, which main aim is to gather few hundred party’s supporters and proclaim itself  as a recognizable and respectful parliament element. To be more specific, we are dealing with sort of aggressive propaganda whereby the tremendous voters exposure to specific massages should lead to literal brain washing (something that goes in line with Gebels work). Zero creativity. Even less ethics. One would say, these perfectly goes hand by hand with politics, which might be true. But I know that for sure does not align with any marketing communication standards. Maybe the campaign planners should dedicate more of tax-payers money to at least deliver content and approach a bit different from others.

All in all, I would like to underline the fact that I am approaching the topic completely neutral and my conclusions are based only on my own thoughts and are in line with academic standpoint of political marketing. This blog has clear and very critical attitude toward 21st century “issue” of Bots.

In continuation I am bringing some of the most notable examples. I promise some of you are to leave you speechless.

And hereby I found to extraordinary example of content marketing. Have a look and drop us your thoughts.

If you come up with some extraordinary piece of art (in terms of political marketing) we would gladly like to have a look and share it hereby.

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