Potential blast in promotion we all witness and you must utilize. Pokémon GO video game launched very recently, imposed itself as a ultimate win for Niantic. Needless to say and further elaborate on the game itself, it is extremely popular and augmented-reality based game. Now, some of you would keep asking why we cover this topic at all knowing that we are strictly marketing blog. This is the catch, marketing and promotional potential are unbelievable.

Pokémon GO

And do not be emberessed by playing Pokémon GO, people of all ages do literally play it. With approximate 100 million daily users (number is sharply growing daily), moreover mostly downloaded by 16-26 generation, this is a tremendous target to hit and utilize.

Pokémon GO

Avarage daily usage of Pokémon GO

It has been announced that Niantic is planning to introduce advertising options (sponsored locations) of placing Pokemons into your store, places, restaurants etc. So people, by playing their favorite game, are hitting your business and they are not even aware of doing that. In his interview for Financial Times Niantic’s CEO John Hanke stated:

Sponsored locations would provide a new revenue stream, in addition to in-app purchases of power-ups and virtual items. In other words, retailers and companies will be granted the paid opportunity to be featured prominently on the game’s virtual map, in the hope to drive customers inside their facilities. It is going to be Cost-per-visit based system, whereby company is charged once the player get into the store/restaurant etc.

Now, speaking of Balkan, we are already used that approach companies are accompanied with, implies few years of leg. This leg means that it has to pass few years/decades in order to realize the chances and opportunities. I frankly hope that small businesses (retail shops, museums, restaurants etc.) are going to use benefits of sponsored locations. The target market is already there, with already Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia having their own association of Pokémon GO players.

How to utilize Pokémon GO?

As it is known, this video game is being played on your phones. It literally pushes and forces people out of home to shuttle around. This is the point where you must jump in with remarkable pieces of content (posters, give-aways, promo materials etc.) in order to align with magnitude of development. It is up to your imagination and creation how outstanding you are going to be.

Are there any Pokémon GO practicies from the region?

There are, believe it or not, two of them. Both of them in Croatia. Hrvatska Poštanska Banka is on the very first companies in the region that are stepping out with this thematic. They created Pokéstop in front of their branch whereby their mascot (Hrvatko) became Pokétrainer. Following video available in Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian.


Pokémon GO

Furthermore, Konzum a.d. appeared to be already well into the story. In their superstore in Radnička street, Zagreb, there have been many players seen. Moreover, Pokémons as well.

Unfortunately, no other examples are available according to best of my knowledge, when it comes to Balkan region. If you have been witnessing commercial usage and exploitation of this game please let us know. It is very much appreciated for the story development.

Thanks @zverko for inspiration.

Stay tuned for story update.

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