One of the very first attention-catchy guerrilla marketing examples in Serbia particularly took place in its capital Belgrade, more than two years ago. Absolutely no one expected that five representatives of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra would draw that much attention to their institution in such an original and viral way.

BPO's Musician Approaching

Namely, the whole story took place in so-called Silicon valley, more specific Strahinjića bana street, downtown Belgrade. The county is of the most imperative destination for Belgrade’s “sugar daddy” girls, fancy individuals and many others who dedicate ridiculous amount of their time sitting, gossiping and simply chilling completely neglecting very important role (among many) of culture in society such as Serbian. One of those institutions of culture, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, decided to go further and address the current trend in Serbian society in such a remarkable, unique and creative manner.

You are very welcome to have a look:

At the very end musicians stretched pre-designed inscription: “Thank you for not coming” As you could notice, huge majority of individuals that were witnessing the improvised “event” needed some time in order to figure out the true and pure message of the performance.

Following video represents the short statement of BPO’s head Mr. Ivan Tasovac, mostly influenced by the overall neglecting of BPO from the youth side:

However the guerilla and shocking note of the event remarkably draw public’s attention, which was the original intention indeed. This astonishing example is one of the very rare, one can find taking in consideration Serbian marketing stage and corporate practices as a whole.

We hope that news like this are going to become everyday headline stories in Balkan states, or at least more often published. We are going to be pleased to keep you updated and informed if any novelty like this one comes up. Stay tuned.

 Videos and picture credits goes to RTS.