Branding and social media. These phrases are used on a daily basis in marketing world, but not only by business people but in everyday life of “regular” human beings. Statistics by Brandwatch state that a regular internet user has on average 5.54 different social media profiles. If we take into consideration that currently there are over 2.3 billions active social media users, it is obvious that each of our personal profiles on social media is acting as a presentation of ourselves. Large number of people will see this presentation. That is why it has become important how do we portray our self to the world via social media. It is no longer just a mean of communicating and informing, it has become a mean for marketing ourselves. Evolution of internet and social media together with growth in number of users created a chance for personal branding.

personal branding

There are numerous platforms that are giving users a chance to create their personal brand virtually. Growing number of users is making Instagram more and more popular by day. Just for the sake of those who have been away from the civilization and without access to internet, Instagram is an online mobile application or a service for sharing photos, videos and social networking. It enables all Instagramers (phrase often used to describe all of us addicted to the app) to capture moments of their lives and share them either publicly or privately with their audience.

personal branding

Power of Instagram

As of June 2016 Instagram has over 500 million users which is growth of 100 million users since September 2015. There is no need to emphasize, but let’s do that: Instagram is massive and it just keeps on growing. That is where it’s power is. When you post a seemingly unimportant photo of your cat eating ice-cream just think about the fact that it is now available for at least 500 millions of people to see it.

personal branding

When you think about it that way, just consider how much can you benefit from presenting yourself in a right way on Instagram. We are not talking about manipulation, just proper perception that will increase the value of your personal brand. You can hardly separate your personal brand from your business life today. Just like executives look you up on Facebook to see whether you match their profile, they can easily do that with your Instagram profile as well. That is why it is important to think about what are you posting and why.

Instagram is nowadays used by major corporations and brands as a tool for communicating their values, celebrities are keeping us posted on their lives and people are even becoming so-called Instagram celebrities and they are profiting from it. So, it is clear that one way or the other Instagram can be used fro proper marketing. It is up to us how do we use that chance.

Next time, we will cover some tips and tricks on how to manage your Instagram profile.  We will also present you some of the major Balkan Instagram profiles. In the meantime create a profile if you already don’t have one, but be sure not to miss out on everyday joys of real life. Till the next reading.

Photo credits: Digihooks & SocialMotive.