If you simply google the tittle above, Mrs I-Have-Been-Fighting-Since-Forever-To-Be-A-Relevant-Source (pseudonym: Wikipedia) would say that you are dealing with  fictional advertisement for a non-existent product, another advertisement for existing product or parody of an existing advertisement. Usually it has funny character, meant to be a comedy or a mocking version of an existing ad. Parody present in advertising serves both to entertain and penetrate to audience memory.

There are numerous reasons why the parody is used in advertisements and some of them are:
1. The parody serves as an inspiration. 

According to an article “when using parody in advertising the parody must be obvious and the original needs to be popular, well-liked and respected.” In other words, it needs to be recognized and at he moment of comparison with the original, simply funny.

2. The parody has enormous potential to go viral.

High viral potential is one of the advantages of parody, which can be used to hype the product and spread word-of-mouth in as less time as one can imagine.

This advertising element was exactly the one used in an ad that refers to the trend of promoting the cleaning products. The main characters are two famous Croatian actors: Rene Bitorajac and Tarik Filipovic. Unfortunately, the ad is only in Croatian language so we are bringing you the original version. These ads were presented at The Night of Ads Eaters for previous years.

Some of their masterpieces on different, but similar note are overwhelming source of sarcasm. Enjoy 🙂