Although few months old, I found this outdoor advertising story important t0 tell. Finally, someone moved out of the comfort zone at tried something new. Banja Luka based distributor Marketauto d.o.o. lunched billboard, promoting new Jeep van. Very Soon after we saw an interesting hand/spray written inscription.

MarketAuto Outdoor advertising
Few days later, outdoor advertising art in form of a re-done billboard appeared. With additional follow up answer written. So far, in the region or even in wider public we have not been witnessing such a follow up in such a short time frame. Usually, we are facing rigid slow acting companies with far-behind marketing philosophy.

MarketAuto Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising in Banja Luka

Did we jest witness the introduction of new way of communication? What are your thoughts on that?
Thumbs up for improvisation and prompt response.