I am absolutely sure that online marketing is not a term you hear for the first time. While in the last century it was on the bucket list for majority of companies, nowadays it is a must- have. Presence in virtual world gives companies many advantages, out of which I would emphasize publicity, recognition and of course- reputation. Positive goodwill is probably one of the most important assets a firm, brand, possibility or a person can possess. Therefore, taking care of online and social media marketing is the inevitable task of marketing team or marketing agency.

While researching for the next post topic, I came across a very interesting marketing agency. Their portfolios for online/ social media marketing campaigns draw my attention and inspired me to get back to one of the most powerful marketing channels, its majesty- world- wide- web. While surfing on the internet, web page is the first impression we get about the product, brand or the company in general. ‘Infinity’ agency is making sure to bring all odds in the favor of its clients and one of the important pieces of their services puzzle is exactly online marketing and social media. Important to mention is that this creative factory is guilty for innovative ideas of Coca Cola HBC BH, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Gordons, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Heineken, Amstel, Pago, Karlovačko, Eurofarm, RecroNet…

Some of their Facebook campaigns can be followed here:

Facebook campaign Johnie Walker

Heineken BiH page

Next time when you wonder about what makes them click on your site or choose your product, remember that there should be the whole story behind what your customers see on their monitors. There are no random things, sentences, colors, style and design.  Remember to create something people want to share.