Probably none of you count how many times per day you click that left button on your computer mouse. To break the magic, there are people who actually track this. In the world of online marketing, “clicks” have become a measure of the popularity. In other words, an extra “click” will make you fit in, whether you like the whole philosophy or not. What has been happening in the virtual world has a major effect on the real world around us.

Wisely recognized by marketers, online platforms have actually become a mainstream in the 21st century marketing business. From a larger perspective, the internet is being used as a utility in the modern marketing to introduce the products and reach wide masses of consumers at zero cost.

Let us make this story more interesting. You have that friend that always sends you requests for online games you DO NOT want to play. The colleague keeps on talking how he needs to harvest some cabbage tonight. Of course, mom is still insisting on you signing up for that “awesome” online game and send her some coins over, so she will jump to the next level. What if those were happening in reality?

Kraš, leading Croatian confectionery company, in 2012 presented a new concept of their famous “Animal Kingdom”product line. More precisely, it should connect the most popular Kraš chocolate with newly made Krašograd, eco- park Kraš in Bratina ( The connection was made through, believe it or not- online game.

The game could be launched via web page. What is the actual procedure? Players build virtual quarters by using codes from “Animal Kingdom” chocolates, supported by additional educational questions. Depends on the type of the object the player chooses, Kraš will built the same one in the real world, within the mini zoo garden at the Kraš  eco-park in Bratina. This has been the first project of this kind, realized within the food industry.

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Next time when you play some game online, double check if you are not building something in your neighbour’s courtyard… Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

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