It was barely a month ago since we wrote about Noc Reklamoždera – 2015 edition. Some basic info as well as last year’s winners you can easily see here.

noć reklamoždera

The event organized several respective competitions. Hereby we will try to some them up without following any sort of criteria. The general topic of event was golden Serbia. There we go.

1st Category – Brand Serbia

For this category for the first time one state institution got an award. Namely, Ministry of Sports and Youth and its head Vanja Udovičić have been awarded a medal for promoting Serbia in the best shine in year behind.

2nd Category – Noć Reklamoždera Ambassador 

Humanitarian organization “Novi Beograd” got this symbolic award for its extensive help provided to the children in Belgrade and wider.

3rd Category – Fresh Talent

For the new wave of creatives and advertising workers that are going to shine in a years to follow. This newly established category has been won by two youngsters Aleksandar Ignjatović and Srđan Janković. Both of them coming from high school.

4th Category – World Tour

There are two Serbian commercials that are being spinned aroung the Globe. First one “Drama on Belgrade’s Streets“. The second one is Jelen Pivo commercial – Naša stvar. Both of them won this category.

5th Category – The most innovative commercial

We already wrote few words about remarkable mts pokrivamo Srbiju commercial. This advertisement was a break through not only in Serbia. More details on this link.

6th Category – The Best Domestic Commercial for 2015

The advertising which acquired and gathered most of your valuable voices is Belgrade 7 secrets by KING. Created for Frikom Serbia it promotes both Belgrade and KING ice-cream.

This was all we have got for 16th edition of Noć Reklamoždera. Stay cool until its 2017 edition. We hope we are gonna see remarkable amount of high viral commercial meanwhile. Until then visit us regularly.

Source: Noć Reklamoždera