It is absolutely doubtless that everyone in the Balkans is familiar with the famous funny song that made us smile couple of years ago. Who would say that the cookies would be signed under showers, among friends, elders and youngsters. If you add up the taste of Noblice cookies, then you have the perfect combination. And from the marketers point of view, this is the example of how to create a memorable campaign for your products.

Memorable Campaign noblice

In case you need a reminder, have a look at the video advertisement by Serbian confectionery products producer “Banini”.

What might be less known is that the “Banini” is the company with long tradition, starting back in 1979. Nowadays, it is a confectionery empire of 400 employees, two modern plants in Kikinda and reputation of industry leader in both Serbia and region.

If you already do not have it stored on your shelf, I am sure that this will make you go and grab your Noblice from the market.

Sweet up and stay cool.

Video and photo content belongs to aforementioned producer.