Regardless if you have heard of Domacica brand or not, this is absolute star of the week and even the month. Namely, Croatian football player Ivan Rakitic was posing with Brazilian counterpart Neymar. But it was not that ordinary picture.

index1They were holding a package of Domacica, Kras‘s brand which is widely spread across the region and further. In just few days picture on Facebook and Instagram gathered impressive statistics.  Over 230000 likes, more than 2000 shares, countless comments and a top of all EVERY portal, journal and newspaper reported on this. What a blast and success. Now the question arise, was this all “mess” paid by Kras?

In their official statement, Kras states that no resources was dedicated in any form as for this ad-hoc picture and that Neymar did it on a random basis.

Second question arise, which is even more tricky. Could the company use this opportunity in more suitable way and to further extend the momentum? I would say for sure. Maybe they should learn from Croatian Tourist Board and their ultra-successful campaign created from the minor opportunity.


Rakitic&Neymar posing

What do you think of the story? Are there any room for Kras’s reaction or? Did it use the momentum accordingly?
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Official source of the picture here.