With the skyrocketing shift to contemporary marketing techniques worldwide, there is more and more buzzing about the application of those in less developed markets as well. Therefore, talking about the modern marketing, more precisely neuromarketing potential in the Balkans should not be avoided.

I have previously elaborated the potential of neuromarketing as such, referring not only to my overall personal obsession with this science (although I might fall under the pressure of subjectivity), but also the facts brought up in the article I had written back in 2014. For curious ones, hit here. Now, two years later things have not changed, except now I have enough resources to refer to the Balkans in particular. Trust me I am more than excited to be able to say this. Inspired by the research done by a friend of mine, about neuromarketing potential in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I came across some interesting facts. There ARE agencies that are actively using fancy neuromarketing equipment somewhere there in the heart of the small Balkan country- Sarajevo.

Valicon EEG research

The first application of neuromarketing- EEG research in Valicon

Does the name Valicon ring a bell? If you recall the article about the event in Sarajevo on 4th of February 2016, the Valicon Knowledge Club then you do know what they are up to. The director of Valicon, Ismir Omeragić, in one of the interviews given in 2015, said that marketing industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina does not lag behind the marketing industry in the region or Europe. Valicon was the first to use the alternative tools to measure attention and emotions in video advertising campaigns. Eye tracking and EEG can measure the reactions in milliseconds, which can only contribute to positive impact of neuromarketing research on optimizing the campaigns. They presented their work partially on aforementioned event.

The story about Valicon proves there is a potential and possibility of neuromarketing entering the big doors in the Balkan. Whether that will happen or not, we will need to wait and see. Nevertheless, the more demanding consumers’ needs are the more precise data marketers will need.