To include public figures in advertisements has been known as a perfect ingredient to something called “advertisement-that-everyone-will-buzz-about”. If you add up the well known music style, a bit of rhythm and nationally and regionally popular band of eccentric individuals, you get Dita advertisement. And it is a way to create a national brand. For those less familiar with both the guys in the video and Dita as a brand, here are several inputs.

Dita is the detergent factory located in Tuzla, city in northeast Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a well known factory, with long tradition and history filled with ups and downs. In years when national brands have been loosing the values and importance, Dita came up with an idea to raise an awareness by engaging one of the most popular bands in region in its ad. From Dita’s famous slogan “Fakat miriše bijelo”, that triggers memory of ad filmed with Branko Đurić- Đuro, something else has been invented- “Fakat podržimo ljude!”

This time, blame it on Dubioza Kolektiv. For innovative idea, good rhythm and supporting national brand, this week’s M-Factor shelf is completely reserved for Dita.

Thumbs up and stay cool. And yes, don’t forget to support your national brands.