Recently National Tourism Organisation of Serbia started very successful one-off campaign which name was #myserbia or #mojasrbija. To find out more about campaign, participants and expectations you are very welcome to have a brief flash-back here.

CKbyskjWgAAwyq3Today, I have a tremendous pleasure to share with you guys thoughts and experiences of one of the Serbian bloggers who was lucky enough to participate in this expedition. Milos Petrovic – blogger, lecturer, internet entrepreneur etc. – exclusively today for M – Factor.

“During July and the beginning of August a group of distinguished foreign travel bloggers has been visiting Serbia and its sights furthermore divided into two visiting groups. I was honored to participate in “expedition” as a local counterpart. The whole campaign took us stunned since we are not used for NTOS to manage this sort of web campaigns.

As a direct result of this campaign one can not expect tremendous and sharp increase of foreign tourists and travelers. The whole content (blog post, pictures, videos) accompanying the campaign is to bring closer Serbia to eventual foreign visitors. I would rather name this phase as a: informative and educative. It is of significant importance that all content is online, so interested individuals could easily find it any time.

Generally, people tend not to believe blindly to touristic agencies and official sightseeing catalogues. Nowadays, one tend to rely more on information gathered via forums, portals, social networks etc. My personal and complete frank opinion is that concrete results of this campaign is to be expected in the following years – since Serbia as a desirable tourist destination is raising from the ashes of its own history.

We have to understand that there are folks who do have money to spend but missing the information where to go and what to do. Serbia should focus its efforts in addressing two sorts of tourism. First one is City-Break tourism with Belgrade and Novi Sad as its beacons. The second one is so-called “wild tourism” which is to be dedicated to amazing nature and scenery all around rural Serbia”

Miloš Petrović

Bonus, video from the expedition. Enjoy.

The article is translated from Serbian using my own abilities. Pictures are owned by Miloš Petrović whom I thank hereby for understanding and sharing his opinions with us.