After a short spring break caused by family gatherings  I am finally back into the reality ready to kick off some stunning pieces of information. Today I am pleased to come up with a branding campaign that took place recently in the region.

Namely mobile operator Telekom Srbija, well-known and established in the region, decided to convert all its brands behind one unique corporate identity solution. Together with new graphical solution came up a new slogan which should enforce new strategy and clearly communicate the massage – “Your World”.

Listed above are some of the logos that are being used or have been used in the recent years. On the other side following are the new corporate graphics and logos.

mts logotip

mts New corporate identity

Furthermore video introducing new brand. More of the stunning videos could be seen on mts’s official YouTube channel. This is moreover very useful place to get some tips, hints and firm advices about the services and products company offers. So far I did not find any Serbian enterprise promoting in such a constructive manner.

The logo itself is made in order to strengthen mts’s leading market position in the region and on the specific markets. However general idea behind graphic is the idea of community and mutuality.


Personally, I do find very pleasant and effective features of new brand identity. However, market itself is the judge par excellence which will measure its success at the end.

For more stories check us regularly.  Stay tuned.

Graphics are owned by Telekom Srbija.