Couple of days ago, as a product of regular day dreaming, the question popped up: “If I was a manager in the Balkans, where would I seek for new ideas to enhance my business practice?” My brain reacted very fast to that by colliding my movements into a very familiar action called “googling”. Just when I thought the Balkans needs some more time to provide its citizens some high quality knowledge gaining source, MC stood up and turned hope into reality. MC (Media Change)  is a portal that “promotes success stories and shares the application of creativity and innovation…” And they came up with MC Media Academy.

What did they do? They did what they do the best- deliver the information. Now, the important part is what the information talks about.

On the 6th and the 7th of November 2015 in Novi Sad (Serbia) the MC Media Academy will take place. It was successfully launched back in August, and this November there is a new round. This is the second module of the course intended to senior media professionals and it tackles challenges of local and regional media, but equally for minority media, either print, digital or broadcasting. This particular module covers 2 topics:

  • Advertising sales and innovation in communication
  • Corporate strategy and new trends in media industry.

It is very motivating to see that there are people who are willing to share both practical and theoretical knowledge to make business practices as good as possible.

For more information about the Academy, please visit the web page. M- Factor crew sincerely hope that this forwarded information will give you a hint about your next move…

Packing bags for Novi Sad already?