We almost succeeded in missing to announce an important event that is about to take place – tomorrow. Namely Marketing Summit is one day conference that will take place on 22nd of October in Sarajevo. Venue is Ilidza Conference Center.

This is going to be second consecutive year that summit is made happening. Main topic of tomorrow’s event is digital innovations and current trends in the area.


Official agenda is strongly backed up by 15 experts coming from digital marketing and related areas. Moreover around 30 other special guests, lecturers and individuals are going to participate putting this event on a regional marketing map.

Without any doubts, one of the most recognized marketing professionals nowadays that is going to fulfil this event is Nicolas Kfuri. Well-known professor, branding  and marketing guru will held opening session of the event. Very much worth visiting.


Nicolas Kfuri

All in all, event that should be paid a visit. For more official information on lecturers, agenda, participants and additional details you should go straight to Sarajevo Marketing Summit web-page.

In closing, I must express my sharp outcry. Namely, beside official web-page there is no social profiles to deliver us some additional information, content etc. Which is at least, to be politely formulated – unbelievable. The summit which is about to handle modern digital marketing trends does not communicate with the public via social media, which are by the way the backbone of digital? This is at least complicate to organize. We found great portion of information by local news portals for instance.

All in all, we are going to keep you updated on any novelties and news. Stay tuned.

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