We are pleased to forward the news about Marketing Summit that is about to take place in Belgrade, Serbia. Marketing Summit itself is an event with strong educational connotation whereby people from different areas of marketing meet and discuss actual branding initiatives.

marketing summit 2016-baner

This year’s slogan is “Different. Extra value. Global”. It emphasizes in great manner need to distinct brands in some way. Differentiation is a core activity to ensure extra margins and values, both for companies and customers. All this of course, not neglecting the context of 21st century which imposes the prism of globalism and a global footprint of all decisions.

The key speaker is going to be Dr Nicolas Kfuri, Kfuri Consulting & Training CEO, who will a talk about current trends in research and building a global brand in the future context. Beside him, stage and audience will have a chance to see and hear Thomas Heller (Simon-Kucher & Partners), Piotr Nagalski (Director Marketing Consumer Central Europe, Goodyear), Alan Šćuric (director of marketing, Atlantic Grupa) who will deliver their opinions of additional value co-creation.

Nicholas-Kfuri Marketing Summit

Furthermore, when it comes to the trending topic of digital marketing it is expected that Marin Šimurina (CEO at Grey) and Vladimir Zarić (Head of Digital, Leo Burnett Belgrade) will give a list of their insights and hints.

All in all the event is going to take place in hotel Crown Plaza, Belgrade – Serbia on 19th of May. For more profound insights and full info specification please visit official web page. BMS Team will keep you updated on any developments coming out of this story.

Bonus video. This is a video from the 2nd edition of Marketing Summit 2015.

Just to briefly recall, we have been already reporting on Marketing Summit Sarajevo which took place last year in B&H capital. The general concept and headline speaker are the same – Dr Nicolas Kfuri.