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Marketing Success from Creativity & Uniqueness

Nikola Kožuljević, spreading good vibes from the Balkans

10. April 2017

In marketing, there is a foundational concept of the marketing mix. This simple concept is defined as a “set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market”(1). Throughout the theory and practices, this set refers to broad distinct elements referred to as 4PS: product, price, promotion, and place.



Marketing Mix

Source: Selectdraw

Every single of these elements is important on its own. And for every successful marketing strategy, brand building and business decision making – none should be ignored. Sure, the theory is expanded to include even more elements (research 7Ps or 4Cs). But, in the entirety of all similar marketing theories one of the elements does stand out. And it can make other efforts simple and easy.

“Marketing is also about projecting ideas…”

Hence, I’d argue that in modern marketing, especially with the rise of digital marketing (a “global place”), brand marketing and abundance of promotional channels; we sidelined the basics.

Marketing is not exclusively about selling or developing messages, exploring markets, building campaigns… It is also about projecting ideas, crafting them into tangible objects and sharing them with the world in order to establish reinforcing connections with those who share or are seeking for the same idea. This craftsmanship is an essential creative transfer of wishes, ideas into products; real or digital. And it is the perk of a good product that can make wonders for all marketing efforts.

Presenting Curious Leather Crafts from Novi Sad, Serbia.

This small manufacturing enterprise succeeded to merge the centuries-old trade of shoe, bags, apparel making – with love, creativity, and pure amazingness.

The combination of efforts resulted in high-quality leather products, that go beyond ordinary into a place where referring them simply as shoes or bags is doing a great disservice to the whole effort and the idea. The shoes & bags, themselves send a strong message and scream of unique personality, that every wearer has in them. since you can order these to have custom patterns the uniqueness and personalizations even more emphasized.

I’d argue, they are well-crafted pieces of art on their own.

A sample of shoes produced by Curios Leather Crafts

Photograph by Curious Leather Crafts, via Facebook

Apparel from Curious Leather Crafts indeed reminded me that a unique and thoughtfully crafted product is the core of all marketing efforts. A core which will certainly make all other elements develop on their own. This is especially emphasized within the world of word-of-mouth customer reinforcements. Which, of course, is further amplified with recent technologies such are social media and other online amplification channels.

If you take a quick peek at the Curious Leather Craft‘s Facebook page (on Instagram as well) you’ll instantly notice high review rate and abundance of good, fresh comments. It is a vibrant environment with active audience giving praises, sharing their own purchases, and positively commenting on the latest crafts. It’s a powerful, super-amplifying channel most brands can dream of. Kudos for the social media management. Definitely, an example to learn from.

Additionaly, the wonderfulness of the Curious Leather Crafts is not constrained to fancy images and social media posts. On the contrary, the awe moments are even more emphasized in real life, once you actually hold the products in your hands. I have a first hand experience with them since my fiancee bought a pair of shoes. Wherein I love the appeal, she also praises the quality and comfort.

Personally, I never saw a piece of apparel having such positive reactions, head turning moments and instant inquiries about their origins. The majority of those inquiries ended up in purchases. And I’d assume the cycle with continue indefinitely. Of course, this little neat true story also points to the amazing word-of-mouth, referral, potential a good product has. Such is of course seen on social media (by likes, comments, and shares of course) but also in person where the projection of value and promotion is constantly reinforced.

All photographs by Curious Leather Crafts, via Facebook 

Ultimately, isn’t this the goal of all marketing efforts, modern social media and brand management alike?

Wherein the audience itself create a positive, always reinforcing environment and the brand is solidified into pure magnificence. In the case of Curious Leather Crafts, this, of course, is all enabled because the product is beautiful, unique, of high quality and inspiring.

Honestly, without investing a tremendous amount of resources and time in promotional activities and brand building, few products can achieve such positive reinforcement and referrals.

Quality, uniqueness, and aesthetics, among others; enable products (and brands) to genuinely connect with the customers and their needs. Curious Leather Crafts have, in their own way, made that connection.

A lovely line of products and a true marketing success story from the Balkans.


1. Kotler, P., Marketing Management, (Millennium Edition), Custom Edition for University of Pheonix, Prentice Hall, 2000, p. 9

About the author:   

Nikola Kožuljević 

 Digital Marketing Specialist. Love to spread positive stories from    the Balkans. WM

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