There are those among us who are born to inspire others. And that does not happen only when they are sharing a good word, valuable advice or a quote. The true inspiration comes from deeds, achievements, thinking outside of the box and standing out of the crowd. Hence, we know that dreams really can come true if you work hard enough and do not stop believing in yourself. We are bringing you today something unusual, but yet tightly connected to our beloved science of marketing. Today, we are telling you the story that might inspire you, push you through and show you that all the hard work eventually does pay back.



This is a story about a young woman, who is currently the docent at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo at the Marketing Department. Just as a perfect closure of 2014, in December, Selma Kadić- Maglajlić won a prestigious prize by The Institute for Market- Oriented Management, University of Mannheim. The prize itself was given for the best doctoral thesis in Europe in the field of Marketing. More precisely, this institute has been awarding intellectuals and academics with the recognition every year and it reflects the both practical and academic value of one’s work.

As Mrs. Kadić- Maglajlić stated in interviews taken from local portals (please, see the source at the end), this was of a high importance, since The Institute has been trying to collide business practice and academia to provoke best possible outcome. One of the most respectable marketers in both Europe and world at the moment, prof. Christian Homburg is the director of the Institute. This puts the additional stamp of honour to the recognition, since he was the one deciding that Mrs. Kadić- Maglajlić’s research deserves this award.

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The doctoral dissertation under the title “The impact of ethics and emotional intelligence on salesperson behavior and performance” , defended at the University of Ljubljana, is the work that future generations will cite in their papers. This work, together with the effort of its author is the amazing example how persistence, hard work and courage do matter. In addition, marketers are trying to contribute to developing of marketing in different ways, but once this contribution is confirmed and spread out loud to the world, the feeling must be great.

M- Factor team does hope that this story will be just one of many that will prove to marketing researchers (and all other people) that there is a potential to discover undiscovered and a possibility to go over your limits. We admire Mrs. Kadić- Maglajlić, sincerely congratulate to her amazing success and looking forward to her being inspiration to others as much as she is inspiration to us.