After a short break we are back on track. Continuing with fresh and relevant information regarding marketing careers and job opportunities. Today I paid more attention to both Montenegro and Croatia. Using some of the search engines I came upon some of the job opportunities I am glad to share hereby.

1. Director of Marketing and Development dept.

Telentor Croatia is looking for a suitable candidate for the managing role in Marketing and Development department. Trial period 6 months. Minimum 5 years of experience. More info here.

marketing careers 1

2. Marketing and Sales Assistant

Zagreb based Ignis Media d.o.o. is trying to fill up student vacancy position with a young and inspired person. Suitable for fresh graduates or even students. More info here.

marketing careers 2

Official job ad

3. Marketing Manager

Rakovec komerc d.o.o. is looking for managing marketing director. Minimum relevant experience with a proven track is 12 month. Shift work. Two foreign languages are mandatory. More info here.

marketing careers 3

Official job ad

4. Online Marketing Assistant

Kvantum-tim d.o.o. Zagreb announced vacancy position for online marketing assistant. Temporary job. More info here.

marketing careers 4

Official job ad

5. Manager – Marketing and Sales

Trenkwalder’s is looking for marketing and sales manager to operate in their Montenegro branch. English and proven marketing experience are must. More info here.

marketing careers 5

Official job ad

These are some of the relevant job ads we found onto;;; etc. For more information regarding the jobs themselves please follow  the provided links. Please note that ads are only in the respective Montenegrin/Croatian languages.

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